June 1st, 2021

🆕 This is MetaMap!

MetaMap is a location-based social network that helps people discover their immediate surroundings - letting them share news, ask questions, and interact freely. MetaMap lets you leave comments and chat with everyone near you. You’ll get notified when someone says something and vice versa. Think of it as a self-aware map.


MetaMap is currently exclusive to iOS, and:

  1. ❌has no user accounts, no sign-up, and no login
  2. all comments are tied to the user's 📍exact location at the time of posting
  3. users of MetaMap can contribute to conversations within 100 meters
  4. single comments or larger conversations appears as pins on a map. Active conversations appear red, somewhat active appear yellow, and mildly active appear green. Sole comments appear white.
  5. users can swipe to ❤️like or dislike a comment. The more likes, the bigger the comment. The more dislikes, the smaller the comment.
  6. all conversations around the globe are visible to all users
  7. everyone within 100 meters📏 of a commenter receives a push notification displaying the comment

MetaMap is avilable on the App Store.